100 x 40mm Lighthouse coin capsules

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 A full box of 100 Lighthouse coin capsules.

The boxes come with 8 rolls of 25, 4 tops and 4 bottom halves.

Exactly the same capsules as you might find in boxes of 10 - just packaged differently.


Maundy Coins
2015 Royal Mint Coins
At the moment we still have some 2015 coins with Ian Rank Broadley's Queen bust portrait.

We are sure these are going to be a collectable item because the majority of the 2015 coins will have the Jody Clark Queen Elizabeth II portrait.

The other rarity is likely to be the 2015 Shoulders of Giants £2 coin.

These are usually produced in the millions however the new Britannia design £2 coin will be the one that replaces the Shoulders of Giants design.

Royal Mint 2015 Coins

200th Anniversary The Battle of Waterloo (1815) £5 Coin

Sir Winston Churchill £5 Coin

800th Anniversary Magna Carta (1215 - 2015) £2 Coin

First World War Navy (1914 - 1918) £2 Coin

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants £2 Coin

The Battle of Britain (1940) 50p Coin

We also have 2015 Christening Sets which include all of the shield design coins a long with the £1 with the full shield design.