100 x 40mm Lighthouse coin capsules

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 A full box of 100 Lighthouse coin capsules.

The boxes come with 8 rolls of 25, 4 tops and 4 bottom halves.

Exactly the same capsules as you might find in boxes of 10 - just packaged differently.

Lighthouse coin tray MB Caps 39 Crowns in capsules
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Maundy Coins
2015 Royal Mint Coins
At the moment we still have some 2015 coins with Ian Rank Broadley's Queen bust portrait.

We are sure these are going to be a collectable item because the majority of the 2015 coins will have the Jody Clark Queen Elizabeth II portrait.

The other rarity is likely to be the 2015 Shoulders of Giants £2 coin.

These are usually produced in the millions however the new Britannia design £2 coin will be the one that replaces the Shoulders of Giants design.

Royal Mint 2015 Coins

200th Anniversary The Battle of Waterloo (1815) £5 Coin

Sir Winston Churchill £5 Coin

800th Anniversary Magna Carta (1215 - 2015) £2 Coin

First World War Navy (1914 - 1918) £2 Coin

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants £2 Coin

The Battle of Britain (1940) 50p Coin

We also have 2015 Christening Sets which include all of the shield design coins a long with the £1 with the full shield design.