Huzzle 3D Puzzles Level 4 Hard

16 choices of the Level Four HARD Huzzle 3D puzzles by Hanayama. Huzzle provides puzzles for anyone age 3+ which are solved using a blend of inspiration and logic. The challenge is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together. Simple, yet so dee...
16 choices of the Level Four HARD Huzzle 3D puzzles by Hanayama.
Huzzle provides puzzles for anyone age 3+ which are solved using a blend of inspiration and logic.
The challenge is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together.
Simple, yet so deep.
You will need your hands and your brain on board to solve the huzzle puzzles!
Happy Puzzling.
Box meausrements - 75*119*45 mm
This Akio Yamamoto’s creation consists of two pieces fashioned after the image of intertwining Bach melodies.
Following the dynamic build-up is an inspirational finale when the two pieces elegantly release from each other.
You may even want to choose a somewhat luxurious and relaxing ambience when attempting this puzzle.
The key word is “music”.
A quarter of this cake has been cut away showing three identical layers inside.
This puzzle looks simple but it is very ingenious.
Designed by American designer Bram Cohen.
Serhiy Grabarchuk is a famous Ukrainian puzzle designer who lives in Uzhgorod.
The puzzle depicted on the piece of drawing that he sent me looked like a strange adornment weaved into a “coiffure” design.
If you put a glass carefully onto the completing puzzle, it becomes, indeed, a coaster.
Using this when serving drinks to guests will on doubt create stimulating conversation.
The theme is “Coiffure”.
It appears like a box-like lump with a hole in it, but is actually comprised of two coiled up virtually identical pieces.
You must try to take it apart by sliding and rotating the pieces.
Although the pieces are angular in shape, they can be rotated in unexpected ways, making their movements quite intriguing.
Designed by Edi Nagata of Japan.
The theme of the puzzle is Coil.
As the name implies, there is a trick hidden inside the cylinder puzzle. There is absolutely no hint or clue on how to start from the outside appearance.
If there is one hint that we can provide, it is to go about it as if you were cracking open a safe.
Enjoy finding the solution while pretending to be a spy cracking open a safe with a shaken not stirred martini by your side.
Designed by Vesa Timonen from Finland.
The theme is “lock”.
Solve the puzzle by turning the dials on both sides (front and back). The solution requires more than just moving forward.
Sometimes moving a step back is also important.
Designed by Vesa Timonen from Finland.
Cast Donuts has beautifully shaped rings that look like 2 donuts intertwined together.
Try solving the puzzle by imagining the inner structure and using each of the rings’ division lines as a hint.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique movements needed to separate the rings. This puzzle is a masterpiece in design and concept.
Created by Vesa Timonen from Finland.
The theme is ‘String’.
This puzzle stands for the tight bond holding together the hearts of lovers the world over.
The first step is to free the gold and silver hearts from the chain. Once complete, you have to try your best to get them back together.
This Puzzle, to be quite honest, is really tough. So… here’s to success in love and in puzzles!
This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with – yes, you guessed it – a loved one.
A puzzle made up of a collection of hexagon shaped pieces. It is made up of an inside with three pieces and an outside frame.
One slides them around inside the frame and rotates them to try to get them out of the frame.
At a glance the pieces appear to have the same shape but the exterior and interior are different, ending up with three pieces whose shapes are different.
Created by Mine Uyematsu of Japan.
The theme is “Go Around”.
Here is a challenging maze. At first glance, the two pieces have simple concave and convex angles on their flat surfaces.
However, when the two pieces intertwine, they take the shape of a 3D maze. You must twist and turn them around.
If you rush without thinking, you will come to a dead end. Be careful as you may end up going around in circles.
Designd by Vesa Timonen from Finland.
The theme is ‘Groove’.
Introducing another puzzle from the Dutch prodigy, Oskar.
This labyrinth-style puzzle, done up in the shape of an egg, gained prize-winning honors at the 2nd Annual Design Competition in Antwerp.
The French puzzle name when translated into English is quite appropriately titled, “The Egg”, which is of course the key word here.
Simply put, the goal is to separate the two pieces and then put them back together. This task will prove to be trickier than you think.
Have you ever heard of the Mobius strip? It is a complex surface where the front and back are indistinguishable.
In this puzzle, obstacles are placed on the surface and block the way, just like a maze.
As you move forward, the front becomes the back and vice versa, leaving you perplexed.
Created by Oskar Van Deventer from the Netherlands.
The theme of the puzzle is the strip.
This puzzle is based on an original called the “Puzz-Ring”.
Popularized in 15th century Europe, this ring style was actually used for official engagement and marriage rings.
Christian reformist, Martin Luther, was even known to wear one.
It is also rumored to prove as evidence of its wearer’s adultery… when it comes apart into pieces.
That’s quite a history contained in this little puzzle.
Using the grooves, slide the protrusions and attempt to complete this very complicated puzzle.
The asymmetrical design will mesmerize you and bewilder your memory. The movement is definitely a twist.
Designed by Oskar van Deventer from the Netherlands.
The theme for this puzzle is tangle.
Two U-shaped bolts and four nuts – this looks like a combination of spare parts but looks are deceiving.
This puzzle comes with a deviously hidden trick. The key to unlocking these parts is to look carefully at each part first.
It was designed by Kyoo Wong from Hong Kong.
The theme is complexity.
Currently no information on this puzzle from the manufacturer.
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