Lighthouse Self adhesive coin holders in lots of 100

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100 easy to use self adhesive Lighthouse coin holders.

A wonderful way to store and display your collection.

These 2 x 2 coin holders really frame a coin! And they couldn't be easier to apply. A complete seal keeps the coin protected. Can be wrote on for easy identification.

Stocked sizes are: 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5 and 39.5mm

Exact diameters of some common UK coins are:


Farthing 20mm, Halfpenny 26mm, Penny 30.81mm, Silver threepence 16mm, Brass threepence 21mm, Sixpence 19mm, Shillings 23.1mm, Florin 28.5mm, Half Crown 32mm, Crown 38.6mm.


Halfpenny 17mm, Penny 20.32mm, Twopence 25.91mm, Old Five Pence 23.5mm (pre 1990), New Five Pence 18mm, Old Ten Pence 28.5mm (pre 1992), New Ten Pence 24.5mm, Twenty Pence 21.4mm, Old Fifty Pence (pre 1997) 30mm, New Fifty Pence 27.3mm, One Pound 22.5mm, Two Pound 28.4mm, Crown 38.6mm.

It is common to leave a gap around the edge of the coin.

Not sure what size? Contact me with the type of coin and I will let you know which holder.